Open House 2020


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Open House 2020



1:00 - 下午7:00


  • Olds College Presentation & Virtual Campus Tour (立即注册三个现场会议的一个 这里) - This webinar will provide you with a lot of information about our programs and the application process, as well as details about life on campus. Student Ambassadors will take you on a guided virtual tour of campus and we'll have 招生 & Recruitment staff on hand to answer all of your questions.

  • 方案的具体信息: 开放日页面还会去住上10月16日将会有计划具体内容的,你看,包括演示,实验室,学生板,我们独特的旅游设施,视频和这么多!

  • Services & Supports Information: the Open House page will go live on October 16 and there will be content available for you to watch, including videos of the many services & supports available to our students like 校内宿舍, Broncos Athletics, Health & Wellness Services, the Teaching & Learning Centre of Innovation and so much more!

  • 在线聊天: click on the “Chat” button on any page of the Olds College website to connect with representatives from Student Recruitment, the 注册处处长的办公室, the Library Service Desk, Accessibility Services, Health & Wellness and the Teaching & Learning Centre of Innovation.

  • 抽奖: 出席现场的网络研讨会,并进入打赢3的一个JDB电子的礼品篮,其中包括$ 100的孩子大学的礼品卡,一个JDB电子帽衫,比利·野马stuffie以及更多!

  • 免费应用: 通过申请阿尔伯塔系统中的虚拟开房时间,并保存自己的报名费网上申请!

  • Q&A Session: this webinar will be available at the end of the day (6:00-7:00pm). 招生 & Recruitment staff will be on hand to answer all of your questions that you may still have. Sign up 这里.