Kenya Welcome

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Kenya WelcomeOlds College will be hosting a delegation from Kitale National Polytechnic (KNP) in Kenya, from April 29 - May 3 as part of the KEFEP-01 development project with Colleges Institutes Canada (CICan). The delegation will be undergoing training related to the administration of the Agricultural Machinery & Equipment Technician program being developed.

代表团包括fanuel opondo(主要基塔莱民族职业技术学院),莎莉lukuyu(副校长)和斯特拉khaemba(枚举官)。

This project is a part of a partnership with CICan, Algonquin College, Durham College and Kitale National Polytechnic. The collaboration includes developing a new curriculum for Kitale National Polytechnic’s new Agricultural Machinery & Equipment Technician program, procuring equipment to use in instructing the program, and ‘train-the-trainer’ missions. These missions will help to ensure that KNP is equipped to teach competency based curriculum on new equipment.