Pride Flag flies in front of Olds College.

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Pride Flag flies in front of Olds College.

6月以来的学习,倾听,以及检查我们的地方在反种族主义运动,通过黑色的生命物质,骄傲月,土著人一天的时间。我们已经 给予机会学习更多的方式来改善我们的校园,我们的社区。

在孩子上大学, 我们尊敬的多样性,包容,平等。我们相信每个人都应该有尊严和尊重的对待。 所有的工作人员,学生和教师有一个学习和工作环境,没有骚扰和歧视的权利。 我们谴责种族主义,仇恨和歧视的所有形式。

在孩子上大学, our goal is to foster an environment of mutual respect and trust among all learners. To achieve this, we offer Respect on Campus training for staff  & students, created our Indigenous Gathering Center as a space for teaching and sharing, and providing opportunities for students to share their culture and customs; like Diwali and Dia de los Muertos. However, we know our work is not finished and there is more to do.